The Buzz Telecom Agent program is designed for companies that want to earn money from their end user’s telecoms spend, but do not want to get involved in billing and credit risks.

  • Being an Agent has no start up costs, you do not need to invest in a billing platform and there are no credit risks.
  • As an Agent of Buzz telecom you will be paid a commission based on the end users you introduce total telecoms spend.
  • Being an Agent allows you to offer your end users Telecoms services without having the administration hassle
  • It suits companies that are just starting in Telecoms or IT Companies where telecoms are a side line product to the main income from IT Services or sales.
  • We handle all the billing for you, thus saving you time and money on administration


Buzz Telecom Reseller program is designed for larger Telecom and IT companies with their own network services department and billing platform. Services are purchased by the reseller (dependant on volume) at wholesale rates. The Reseller is then free to re-rate their own calls.

  • Being a Reseller allows you to set the prices you charge the end users.
  • You have a price you buy the minutes from us and you then charge them out at a price you choose.
  • You can fully white label the service, your customers are billed by you and you are in effect a telecoms company to them
  • You will however have to invest in a billing platform.
  • The Reseller program is designed for companies that want to grow their telecoms revenue at a fast rate
  • You will need to supply your own technical support, Resellers can access our technical services but are expected to fully deal with end user issues
  • You minute buy price will depend on your monthly total spend.