Code of Practice

This document outlines Buzz Telecom’s commitment to its customers and what service our customers can expect. Our goal is to deliver Service Excellence in all aspects of our business. This Code Of Practice does not diminish, in any way, customers’ statutory rights. Customers may also seek independent advice from such bodies as the Director of Consumer Affairs and the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). Addresses of such bodies are provided at the end of this document.

The products and services described within this publication may be changed from time to time and are subject to availability.

Buzz Telecom is an Irish owned company and works with our clients to ensure that we deliver voice and data packages that are tailored to suit customer-specific requirements.

Making Contact with

For advice, information or help with any problem related to the services we provide, customers can contact us at our Customer Contact Centre by phone, email or by post. Queries are logged and prioritised. Where an issue cannot be dealt with immediately Buzz Telecom will keep customers informed of the progress being made in dealing with the query. All customers will receive the same level of service in terms of speed of response, quality of service, etc. irrespective of the means of communication.

In common with other companies taking telephone orders, complaints or enquiries from customers, or indeed originating calls, we monitor a proportion of them to ensure that our customers are getting the standard of service they are entitled to expect. This allows us to identify employees who need further training or who are not following approved procedures. Customers should therefore be aware that calls made to Buzz telecom, may be monitored by a Buzz telecom supervisor.

Contact Details

Customer Service
E- mail
Telephone   1890 99 88 77

Customer  Accounts
Telephone  1890 99 88 77

Customer Billing
E- mail
Telephone 1890 99 88 77

Broadband Support
Telephone 1890 92 77 14

Telephone   1890 99 88 77

Written contact should be addressed to:-

Buzz Telecom Limited.

40 Fitzwilliam Square

Dublin 2.

Billing & Payment Processing
Buzz telecom will  ensure that customer bills are clear and accurate and that payments received by the company are emailed  to the customers account in a timely manner. Bills state clearly the current balance.

All charges due are payable to Buzz Telecom Limited by Direct Debit. Payment is required upon receipt of your regular bill to avoid a late payment charge being applied.
Any billing queries should be directed to our accounts department. If it is determined that an error has occurred an adjustment will be made to your account.
If there is any change to your billing address or account details it is the responsibility of the customer to contact our customer service department in writing at the address above.
All billing complaints will be responded to within 5 working days. There will be no disconnection, while a genuine dispute is being resolved provided the customer has paid the undisputed portion of the account. The company reserves the right to disconnect customers for non-payment.
All tariffs are clear, precise and available on request.

Complaint Processing
We are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service. Despite our endeavours, things do go wrong, and when they do, we want to know as quickly as possible so that we can put them right. We have developed procedures to deal with complaints.
Our aim is to resolve the problem to our customer’s complete satisfaction and our Customer Service Representatives will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. We will agree a course of action and indicate appropriate time scales for dealing with each individual complaint.

Complaints are logged on our customer database and linked to the account of the specific customer. If a customer is not happy with the way a complaint has been handled, he/she may write, or ask to speak to a Supervisor. If the supervisor is unable to resolve the matter to the customer’s satisfaction, then the complaint may be referred to Senior management. The complaint will be investigated and a course of action agreed with the customer with a view to ensuring that the problem is resolved quickly and satisfactorily. Customers will be kept informed about the progress of their complaints.

Where a complaint is concerning a payment that has not been applied to a customer’s account, customers may be required to supply details of the date of payment, and relevant reference numbers, bank details and amount paid. Only when confirmation of these details is received can Buzz telecom proceed to process complaints of this nature. Where there is an ongoing investigation regarding a payment Buzz Telecom will not terminate service because of this payment.

Complaints about the conduct of any member of Buzz Telecom staff must be put in writing and sent to the
Customer Relations Manager at the address outlined above.
Our goal is to acknowledge all complaints within 24 hours of receipt.
At the acknowledgement stage, customers will be given the time scale within which Buzz telecom expect to address and resolve their complaint.
Customers will be notified about the outcome of the investigation of their complaints.

Addresses for Independent Advice or Information.

Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland
IPC House
35/39 Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4
Tel: (01) 660 8766
Fax: (01) 660 8113

Broadcasting Commission of Ireland
Marine House
Clanwilliam Place
Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 676 0966
Fax: (01) 676 0948

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg)
Block DEF
Abbey Court
Irish Life Centre
Lower Abbey Street
Dublin 1
Tel: 00 353 1 804 9600
LoCall: 1890 22 9600
Fax: 00 353 1 804 9680

Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs
4 Harcourt Road
Dublin 2
Locall: 1890 220 229
Fax: (01) 402 5501